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Welcome to museotechniki!

The innovation & knowledge management startup that aims to expand cultural impact in society by merging cultural management prerequisites with emerging technologies & business model innovation.

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Museotechniki was one of the winners of the “@Diversity-European Ideas Competition Awards 2013” (04/11/2013).

We were competing in the “access to culture” category with the “ – Access to Printable Collections” project.

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Museums love Freedom.

If you are planning or working on a web project for your museum, think about going open source to maintain your institutional freedom and long term sustainability. We can offer technical support and customisation to a number of existing open source projects or manage a team of skilled developers to work on your particular requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project's aims and objectives. You would be surprised about the possible options you have. There are open source projects to support almost every idea. Get inspired and get the source code:

Manage & publish collections online

Collect & manage User Generated Content

Link open cultural data

Connect real objects to the internet

In Cultural Heritage “3D is the new 2D”!

3D is the new 2D! So DO more!

Imagine the possibilities that affordable 3D digitalisation could offer to cultural heritage sector.

Demonstration video of Structure from Motion (SfM) technique used in cultural heritage documentation. Models were produced by processing digital photographs with Open Source Software.

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